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Welcome to the all new MAP UK Blog! 

Our aim here is to provide a platform for the research, opinions and news of marginalised people in philosophy, and to facilitate cross-institution communication on a national (maybe even global!) scale.

To do this, we need YOU. 

Are you a marginalised person in philosophy?

Or a MAP chapter or organisation related to our aims?

Have you got an idea for a post or a series?

Below are examples of some of the types of things we're looking for:

Research Pieces

If you're working on:

  • issues of under-representation in philosophy;

  • theoretical issues regarding philosophy of gender, race, sexual orientation, class, disability, native language, etc.; and/or

  • anything in philosophy as a marginalised person

...we'd like to host your research. Whether this is a precis of an article you've just published, some work-in-progress, or something you'd like to start a discussion on, we'd love to hear from you.


Opinion Pieces

There's a vast amount in the discipline of philosophy (and society at large) that deserves comment. Sometimes these pieces won't be suitable for journals or are too time sensitive to wait the years it takes to get through the journal review process. That's where we can help. From cultural appropriation to sexism and misogyny, we'd like to hear your views on issues in the discipline, issues in society, and strategies for change.

Pitch us your opinion piece!


Chapter/Organisation Spotlights


Work that we all do to improve philosophy and the academy is often isolated from larger movements and can struggle to establish wider support. This can stunt project growth and prevent everyone from following good practice developed elsewhere. Our platform can help.

So, if you're a MAP chapter in the UK or elsewhere, or an organisation working towards similar aims, we want to publicise your work. Whether you're working to diversify curricula, organise staff and students or provide 'access to philosophy' or outreach events, this is your platform. Organisations need not be formally inside academic philosophy to post on our blog.

We'd also love to hear if you'd like to partner with us on any initiatives!

Events, Jobs & Opportunities

There are so many events, jobs and opportunities advertised in philosophy that those of interest are easily buried. This is why we'd like to provide a dedicated space for advertising MAP-related events, jobs and opportunities on our blog. This will help to get the right people in the right places, and diversify the discipline over time. 

If you're organising an event, leading a hiring committee or facilitating any other opportunity, please get in touch!


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