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MAP is a global movement working towards making philosophy more inclusive as a discipline and as a practice. Our power comes from our chapters, who organise in their local communities to ensure change across the world. We're ready for a better future.

If you're ready too, turn the page and start a new chapter today.


1. What is a chapter?

A MAP chapter is a local group, typically organised by postgraduate and undergraduate philosophy students. Each group aims to change philosophy to make it a more inclusive place both within their institution and within their local area. 

All of our chapters are extraordinary, organising activities including:​

Reading Groups

Conferences & Workshops

'Access to philosophy' events

Public Talks & Seminars


Developing local guidelines


With over 100 chapters globally and 19 in the UK, we're a big network of activists, and we welcome all to the movement. To see what our UK chapters have been up to recently, check out our latest national report.


Our chapters are usually funded by their host institutions, with some supplementary funding provided by MAP International. The structure of chapters varies, but we encourage sharing responsibility as much as possible.


2. Benefits of starting a chapter

There are many benefits of organising your efforts within the MAP global initiative. It's good to be part of something bigger.


Here's a few:

Access to a global network of activists in philosophy

Funding from MAP International

Highlight your actions with our blog and annual reports

Use of MAP logos as a sign of good practice

Advice from colleagues across the UK

Central position in developing philosophy as a discipline and practice


3. How to start a chapter

  • Get people together & gauge interest

  • Get staff support

  • Hold an initial event

  • Form a committee

  • Fill out an application form


  • Ask your students if they'd be interested in forming a chapter

  • Hold an initial event to generate interest

  • Have first meeting to form committee

Academic Staff

If you're not part of an academic department or would like some advice, please email us at

Please note that we welcome applications and involvement from those less able to travel in to their department regularly.

4. Chapter Guide



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