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The Diversity Reading List is looking to engage with MAP chapters in an excellent project that will benefit PG students, their respective departments, the DRL and the discipline as a whole.

The DRL has already secured  financial support from their respective Philosophy departments at the University of Leeds and University of Edinburgh, in the form of grants which allow their PhD students to work on the DRL. They are now looking to collaborate with other departments in the same way.

MAP chapters with interested students are encouraged to ask their respective departments to fund them to engage in a local MAP project to expand the DRL. Everyone benefits from this arrangement: the students in the local department recieve funding and administration experience, the local institution is engaged in a successful diversity project, MAP widens its range of activities, and the DRL continues to grow.

In addition, MAP chapters can work with the DRL in a voluntary capacity. In particular they are seeking volunteers to: 

  • Review public contributions to the site: There are currently hundreds of submissions in the queue, and even just reviewing two or three would be a great help

  • Expand on existing entries: The DRL page allows visitors to comment on entries to offer their own teaching tips and suggestions, and MAP members no doubt have plenty of these.They have posters and leaflets to be distributed at conferences or hung in departments, and they also welcome online promotion on blogs, social media, etc. 

If  you are interested in participating, or simply finding out more, contact Simon Fokt, the DRL Project Manager. 

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