MAP UK Winter Report 2018

The MAP UK Winter Report is now live on our website!

As always, a huge thanks go out to all of our UK chapters. Not just for your thoughtful feedback and reports, but for all the work you do at your respective universities. We know that you're not doing it for us, you're doing it for the discipline, for other members of underrepresented and minoritised groups, and for the greater good. But we still take pride in knowing that there are so many of you out there, working hard to make the world a better place. Thank you!

The Winter Report this year lists some of the highlights and successes of the Autumn term, both of our chapters and of our national organisation. The most notable progress we've made ourselves has been the launching of this blog - as a platform for ideas, a place to share experiences, and a way to promote some of the important work our chapters do.

There's also a space on the report for upcoming events (which can also be found in this post) and some of our comments on general trends across our chapters. Be sure to take a look if you find the time.

That's all for now - but stay tuned soon for our call for new co-directors. Keep kicking ass!


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