Welcome to the new MAP UK Blog

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Welcome to the all new MAP UK website and blog!

Here you’ll find all things that make MAP UK what it is: our chapters, our national projects and links to the global movement. But you’ll also find new content on how to start a chapter, a forum to share your experiences, and a blog which will become your platform.

We started this blog with several aims in mind.

Firstly, we wanted a space to provide support for our current MAP chapters, potential chapters and other interested parties. A place where we can link up all those working towards similar aims.

Secondly, it’s important for there to be another space that actively works towards the same goals that we all joined MAP to help with. A platform to help us to celebrate, promote, encourage, and support the work of philosophers who are members of under-represented and/or marginalised groups in the discipline.

This includes, but isn’t limited to: transgender philosophers, queer philosophers, black philosophers, philosophers of colour, women and non-binary philosophers, philosophers with disabilities, neurodivergent philosophers, philosophers whose first language isn’t English, and philosophers who are from otherwise economically disadvantaged backgrounds. And none of these factors is necessarily in isolation - often people will experience marginalisation intersectionally.

It’s still the case that our discipline needs to do more to support those who are members of under-represented and/or marginalised groups in philosophy.

To ensure these aims, we will be publishing a variety of posts. These will include opinion pieces, original research, showcases of under-represented and under-appreciated areas of philosophy, spotlights on other similar organisations, and spotlights of MAP chapters.

If you have an idea or would like to contribute, get in touch! For more detail on what we’re planning on publishing, click here. Or contact us via email at mapforthegap.uk@gmail.com.

For more about MAP UK, explore the site, follow us on Twitter here, and like us on Facebook here.

MAP UK is part of the global MAP movement. For MAP International, see here: Twitter, Facebook, Website.


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