In Support of Black Lives Matter Protests

MAP UK stands in support of, and solidarity with, the protests across the world in favour of racial justice, and against (in particular) police and structural oppression. We recognise that the UK is no stranger to these problems, and neither are academia or philosophy.

This post is to gather various resources to help and support the Black Lives Matter movement. With particular thanks to the St Andrews and Stirling MAP Chapter for their contributions. We hope to make this a fairly fluid list, and if you'd like to add anything to it, let us know!

Ways to donate:

Split donation between 70+ bail funds in the USA:

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter UK

Also you can watch this YouTube video

(, designed to raise funds through ad revenue.

Other Resources:

Black Lives Matter:

Ways to Help:

The Guardian’s Anti-racist Reading List:…

Philosophy Resources:

MAP International have released their own statement here:

Liam Kofi Bright has a letter to other young black philosophers who might want advice:

The Philosopher's Cocoon are hosting a series of blog posts on anti-racism in philosophy. The first installment is here:

The Diversity Reading List continues to work to compile texts by authors who are members of under-represented groups in philosophy, including of BAME philosophers. You can find the list (and ways to help out the project) here:

The Society of Young Black Philosophers is a group designed to support Black philosophy students and junior faculty persuing academic careers. The link to their facebook group can be found here:

As always, we offer our own blog as a platform for BAME philosophers and philosophers who are members of other under-represented groups to talk about their experiences in academic philosophy and beyond.

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