Our Mentoring Scheme

Mentoring is a crucial part of becoming - and improving as - an academic. There's reason to think that marginalised people are less likely to receive adequate informal academic mentoring, for a whole host of reasons - sometimes there are barriers for us accessing that mentoring, or sometimes the mentors available don’t have the same needs and experiences that we do. Whatever the reason, this lack of adequate mentoring creates an unfair disadvantage for marginalised people.

The MAP UK mentor scheme is designed to redress this imbalance. We have a large team of mentors from a wide range of backgrounds, and with varied experiences and specialities, who can offer one-to-one online advice for any UK philosophy student or researcher who considers themselves to be a member of a marginalised group.

Our Campaign

We currently have plenty of free spaces for new mentees, and are launching a new campaign to spread the word. There are four ways you can help to grow the scheme, and even the playing field in philosophy.

Become a mentee

If you are a UK philosophy student or early career researcher who considers themselves a member of a marginalised group, then you are eligible for the scheme. You don’t need to face particular difficulties, and you don’t need to have no other mentors at all (although if you do, then please get in touch!). Mentoring is a crucial part of academia regardless of circumstances, so as long as you meet our basic criteria (you’re a marginalised philosopher based in the UK), you are very welcome. You can see our database of mentors, and find out how to get in touch with one here.

Tell your friends

Of course, you can also use more traditional methods to spread the word! Please tell your friends, students and colleagues about the scheme, and encourage them to consider signing up. ​

Share on social media

Please post about the scheme on twitter or facebook (or any other platforms), using #MAPmentor and/or linking back to this page. This shorter link is good for twitter, or any platform where character count is limited: https://bit.ly/2Qij1ME

Display our poster

We’ve created a poster to advertise the scheme. You can download the file here, and then share it digitally, or print it off to display in your department.​

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