The UK Team

Azita Chellappoo


Azita Chellappoo joined the MAP UK team in March 2018. She is also one of the organisers for the MAP Cambridge chapter and involved in the Decolonise the Curriculum movement. Her research is primarily in philosophy of biology, and cultural evolution models in particular, with side interests in feminist epistemology and values in AI.

Pronouns: she/her.

Follow Azita on Twitter @ohheybiology

Casey Logue


Casey Logue joined MAP in summer 2020. After completing a BA in English Literature, she remains at the University of Liverpool where she is studying an MA in Art, Aesthetics, and Cultural Institutions. Her research interests include ethics, feminism, and feminist aesthetics, and she is particularly interested in feminist ethics surrounding social media.

Pronouns: she/her.

Follow Casey on Twitter @lemontap

Daniella Meehan


Daniella Meehan joined the MAP UK team in May 2020. Her primary research lies in the intersection of epistemology and ethics, specifically vice epistemology and epistemic responsibility. Outside of her research on vice epistemology, she is also interested in other areas of ‘non-ideal’ epistemology (epistemic injustice, epistemic rights and distrust), alongside political, applied and feminist epistemology. 

Pronouns: she/her

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William S Kombian


William S Kombian joined MAP UK in May 2020. He studied BA Philosophy at the Spiritan University College  - Ghana, and moved to the University of Sheffield for his Masters (Philosophy). Of particular interest to him are the following research areas: Bioethics, Transhumanism, Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Climate Change, and Epistemic Injustice.

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Lizzy Ventham

Co-Director & Blog Co-Editor

Lizzy Ventham founded the Southampton University MAP Chapter in 2016 and went on to join the national team in 2018. She primarily works on ethics and moral psychology but is looking to develop links between her research in these areas with the philosophy of mental health. Having just finished her thesis, she is currently based in Trinity College Dublin where she works as a teaching fellow. Pronouns: she/her.

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John Parry


John Parry joined the national team in October 2017, and quickly became resident techie. Having previously worked with MAP@Leeds as Access Officer, he’s particularly interested in public philosophy, philosophy for children (P4C), routes into academia and how ECR working conditions affect retention across demographics. His research concerns the interaction of modal and ethical theories, and he’s a SAPERE accredited P4C practitioner.

Pronouns: he/him.

Follow John on Twitter @modallyyours

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