Inclusive Event Guidelines

After 2 years of consultation, we have developed draft Inclusive Event Guidelines for philosophy events of all kinds.

The aim is that this document will show organisers of academic philosophy events what concrete steps they can take to make their events more inclusive. The current draft has been developed on the basis of feedback from the MAP UK network and public consultation with the wider academic community.

Please use these guidelines to improve your events and help with accessibility across your academic work. Scroll down for the table of contents for our online guide or download the PDF.


If you have any comments or would like to propose any revisions, please get in touch with us at


1. General Principles


2. Strategies for being inclusive  10

2.1. Initial planning of an event

2.2. Speakers

2.3. Registration

2.4. During the event

2.5. After the event

3. Funding

4. Accessibility

5. Digital

6. Personalised accommodations

7. Further Resources


A. Call for papers/abstracts  43

B. Call for registration  44

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