Inclusive Event Guidelines

6. Personalised Accommodation

It is important that you provide delegates with the opportunity to specify further modifications that you will not make be making as standard, but are able to do on request. We recommend that this is done via your registration process, with a named first point of contact for any additional enquiries. Make sure that you clearly communicate with your delegates that any personalised accommodations made during registration will be followed up in a timely manner, and provide the named contact’s details for any additional queries and/or follow up.

The options that you will offer on request should include options for multiple print formats (e.g. large print, braille), communication formats/aids (e.g. sign language interpreters) and dietary requirements. Because of its relatively cheap process, you may choose to offer limited large print versions of your literature as standard. If so, make sure to communicate this.

It is important to explicitly offer only those options which you are able to provide. It is equally important, however, to put yourselves in a position to offer as many options as possible. We make various recommendations throughout these guidelines that you might consider.

For information on how to implement any of these accommodations or how to incorporate this into your registration/organising process, here are some resources to help:

  • Accessible Communications Formats (UK Government)


  • ADA Guide on Registration


  • Your institution’s student disabilities service (or similar)

You should also include a section for delegates to request modifications that you have not explicitly listed, through an ‘other’ option for instance. Make sure that you are clear that you will try to make any accommodations that you can within your means, and that additional requests will be followed up by your named contact.

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