Inclusive Event Guidelines

3. Funding

In this section, we provide a (non-exhaustive) list of places that organisers of philosophy events (in the UK) can approach for funding relating to accessibility costs. For more information on these sources, please see their respective websites.


This list was last updated in February 2018. If you know of any other funding bodies offering this kind of funding, or if you notice that anything on this list has become out of date, please let us know so that this information can be included in the next version.


Host department(s)/institutions

Sometimes the department that is hosting an event will have an inclusivity fund, or a general events/research fund that could be used for accessibility costs. Also, the host institution may have a faculty- or university-level Equality and Inclusion unit (sometimes called Equality and Diversity). These often have limited funds that may be used for accessibility costs of academic events. Make sure to ask your departmental administrator and/or head of department for a list of possible sources in this vein.

Where there is no such funding available, it would be worthwhile to ask for such a fund for accessibility costs to be budgeted for in future years.


Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)

We offer funding for events organised by our chapters, and welcome applications which include accessibility costs. Unfortunately, we cannot offer funding for events organised by other organisations. Funding is allocated twice per academic year, in September and January.

Interested in starting a new chapter? It’s easy – just check out our website via the link above.



The Analysis Trust

The Analysis Committee oversee a charitable trust that awards up to £500 specifically for the subsidising the attendance costs for postgraduates and under-employed recent postgraduates attending your conference. This funding covers only up to 50% of event fees and accommodation of attendees coming from other institutions, but note that this does not cover travel costs. The committee meets to allocate funds three times per year in January, April and October.


The Aristotelian Society

The Aristotelian Society awards up to £500 for general conference funding, with applications for graduate and invite-only conferences welcomed (though the latter receiving lower priority). Although it is not explicit on their website, the conference grants manager has confirmed in personal correspondence that they are “committed to supporting events that aim to include underrepresented groups in philosophy, and […] very much welcome conference grant applications from events that aim at increasing participation from these groups.” The grants are awarded twice a year, with meetings to consider applications in September and April.


The Mind Association

The Mind Association award two conference grants for major events (up to £2,000) and minor events (up to £600). They state that “funds required to cover costs relating specifically to access to the conference for delegates with disabilities” are not included in the total of the grants that they offer, and that “applicants should specify any such costs in their budget, and include in their application a clear special request for any monies needed for this purpose”. To be awarded a grant, early career researchers (i.e., “those below the level of senior lecturer”) will need to be prominently represented among speakers. Grants are awarded twice a year, in November and April.


The Scots Philosophical Association

The Scots Philosophical Association award a grant of up to £1,500 (or in exceptional cases £2,500) towards general costs for events held in Scotland. The applicant will have to demonstrate consideration of gender balance among all participants (speakers, commentators, chairs) for the main award. They also offer up to £500 in addition to the standard amount specifically for childcare costs, to provide this service free to attendees. There are no applications deadlines for this grant, but it is advised to apply early in the academic year due to limited funds.


Society for Applied Philosophy

The Society of Applied Philosophy awards a grant of up to £3,000 (or up to £6,000 in exceptional cases) towards general event costs. Applicants must be SAP members. If a main award is allocated to your event, you may apply for a separate grant “to aid the attendance of delegates with disabilities”, typically up to a maximum of £1,000. Grants are awarded three times a year, in January, May and September.


Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) UK

SWIP UK awards a grant of up to £150 per event towards general costs for events that cohere with their aims. In addition to this, SWIP UK offer grants of up to £100 to individual conference delegates attending conferences cohering with the aims of or associated with SWIP UK. This funding is limited, but you might consider advertising this to your delegates if your event fulfils any of this criteria. Applicants must be Members or Friends of SWIP UK. Grants are award three times a year, in January, May and September. Please note that these grants are only available in years where their funding is not fully allocated to SWIP UK events.

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